Not sure how to choose the right cleaning company for you?

Choosing the right cleaning company for your offices can be daunting and the chances are you may have had a bad experience with a cleaning company in the past. From speaking with potential clients when we carry out quotations we have found a pattern of problems experienced, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you make the right choice!

Tip 1 – Choose a company who are local to you. You want to appoint a company who are based not too far away from your offices and who are able to provide regular supervision, if you go for a company far afield then the chances are they are not going to be able to, or perhaps even want to arrange for someone to cover any short notice absences or even holiday cover in some circumstances. Also, you may want to arrange face to face meetings with your cleaning company from time to time, and this is going to be a lot easier with a company who are just on your door step.

Tip 2 – Don’t be fooled by a company who will promise you the world. Cleaning companies are mostly reliant on their staff and the service they deliver, therefore they need to have realistic expectations of what their staff are going to be able to carry out, they also need to have an efficient management team to be able to look after their employees and check on the sites they look after. If one cleaning company seems to be offering a lot more than the others for a similar or maybe even cheaper price, then you may want to question their ability to do this.

Tip 3 – Are they tying you into a complicated contract? We have heard many horror stories of customers being tied into some complicated and long contracts with their cleaning company, therefore we recommend reading through all their terms and conditions before agreeing to anything, check how much notice you would need to give if you were to terminate with them in particular. Personally, we don’t tie any of our customers into contracts as we would rather rely on the service we provide.

Tip 4 – Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest quote. We recommend you shop around and obtain 2-3 quotations for your cleaning requirements, but we don’t always recommend going for the cheapest quote, especially if it is significantly cheaper. Of course we understand that most companies are under strict budgets and are looking to save money where possible, but just bare in mind that you may be paying for what you get.

Tip 5 – If you currently have someone carrying out your cleaning then TUPE does apply. You can read more on the legislation of TUPE and what it means on our About Us page If you have a cleaner in place, whether they’re employed by yourselves or through another cleaning company, then TUPE does apply so another cleaning company shouldn’t be telling you otherwise. We find some customers are told that if the cleaner hasn’t been there very long or if there is no contract then it doesn’t apply, but that simply isn’t true, and a professional cleaning company will be able to deal with the process themselves.

Hopefully now you will feel a bit more confident when making the decision of who to choose, however if you would like any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us  –